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Author : Jaco Defi

5 min readOct 22, 2023


FRACTAL VISIONS: Where Creativity Meets Impact in the Web3 World

Hey there, fellow visionaries!
Meet “ Fractal Visions ”, the game-changer in the world of NFTs and blockchain. Get ready for a ride through a marketplace that’s all about impact and creativity.

Overview of the Project

What’s the Buzz? Imagine a place where creators, artists, musicians, and developers come together not just for profit, but to make a real impact. That’s our vibe. It’s all about supporting the dreamers, the artists, and those who want to make a positive dent in the universe.

Mission: Impact Over Everything
Our motto? “Impact over profit!” We are on a mission to help artists step into the cryptocurrency world safely. We’re like your trusty mentor, guiding you through the exciting realm of NFTs.

Long-Term Vision
We aren’t just about the here and now. We’re building a hub for creators from all corners of the globe. Imagine a gallery where physical art meets the digital world, all while spreading the message behind the artwork.

What’s Cooking for 2023? Hold onto your hats, because we’re launching our very own NFT marketplace on Optimism. It’s like the VIP club for creators, with a 2% marketplace fee that helps fund retroactive rewards for those who fuel the ecosystem.

The “Fractal Pod” Experience
But wait, there’s more!
The “Fractal Pod’’ is the gateway to our creative universe. It’s where new creators get our supercharged start. Our ecosystem is all about growing the pie, not just for ourselves but for everyone who’s part of the journey.

Take the Green Pill Episode

Future Plan
What’s our plan? We want to do amazing things and go beyond the ordinary. We’re not just making beautiful visuals anymore. Imagine a future where we’re known for mind-blowing experiences. We’re talking about virtual reality that makes your heart race, adventures that mix fantasy and reality, and art that you can shape with your hands. And we’re not alone — we’re building a community of dreamers like you. Together, we’ll explore and create endlessly! Additionally, we’ll focus on security, welcome creators, showcase unique projects, and provide a launchpad for creators on Optimism. They’ll also measure your impact and prioritize safety. Our vision is to empower creators and become a top destination in the crypto world.

Locked Down Tight with Guild: Fractal Visions’ Security Fortress!
When it comes to keeping your assets and information safe in the crypto world, we take security to the next level. We’ve teamed up with the experts at Guild, and trust us, your security couldn’t be in better hands.

Why Guild? Guild is like the superhero of web security. we’re all about making sure your crypto experience is as secure as Fort Knox. When we partnered up with the Guild, we put our security on steroids.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Peace of Mind: Your assets are like precious gems, and the Guild is the vault that protects them. You can sleep soundly knowing your crypto treasures are in good hands.
  • Advanced Protections: Guild doesn’t mess around. We’ve got all the latest tech and know-how to fend off any digital baddies. Your safety is our top priority.
  • Track and Trace: Guild helps us keep tabs on who’s who in our ecosystem. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of the coolest club in town, making sure only the right people get in.
  • A Fortress of Data: Your personal info is like gold in the crypto world, and Guild’s fortress of data ensures it stays locked away from prying eyes.
    So, when it comes to security, we don’t mess around. we’ve got the Guild on outside, making sure your crypto adventure is not just thrilling but also super secure. Your assets are safe and sound, ready for you to take on the crypto world with confidence!

Where to find us
Looking for Fractal Visions?

Here’s where you can find them:

  • Official Website: Begin your journey by visiting our website. It’s your gateway to our creative world.
  • Twitter: Stay updated with our latest news and developments by following them on Twitter.
  • Community: Join the conversation with fellow visionaries and creators on our Discord community or Peeranha. It’s where you can connect and engage.
  • Tech Insights: If you’re a tech enthusiast, dive into our GitHub. It’s the place to explore the technical side of our projects.
  • Knowledge Hub: Need information or guidance? Check out our internal wiki for valuable resources to navigate the world of crypto.


Q1: Who are the founders?

A1: The project is driven by passionate founders who believe in the mantra “Impact over profit.”. The two founders are: Alicia Rockafellow (Twitter: @artfractalicia) Glenn Little II (Twitter: @iglivision)

Q2: How are we different from other NFT marketplaces?

A2: We go beyond profit and emphasize impact. It’s a curated marketplace where creators can align with impact initiatives and launch projects that matter. Impact is the primary currency here, alongside digital assets related to regenerative finance and decentralized science.

Q3: How can I get involved as a creator?

A3: If you’re a creator looking to join us, you can sign up on their platform and start showcasing your work. You’ll also have opportunities to collaborate with like-minded impact-makers in various categories.

Q4: Is there a community associated with the project?

A4: Yes, we have an active community on Discord and Peeranha, where creative minds from around the world come together. It’s a place for idea generation, collaboration, and support for newcomers.

Q5: Who are our competitors?

A5: Some of our competitors are: Opensea, Blur, Zonic.

In conclusion, Fractal Visions is a groundbreaking project that unites creativity, impact, and cryptocurrency. It offers a platform for creators to make a positive difference in the world through their work. Whether you’re an artist, musician, developer, or crypto enthusiast, we invite you to join the movement and be part of a brighter future in the crypto universe.



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