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Over the past week, a new social media platform from Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook and Instagram also known as Meta has released a new platform called Threads.

This is a copycat of Twitter, and has the same feeling as the user interface of the competitor platform. Many users from Twitter have flocked to the new social media platform and found that the interactions on their posts have been fruitful for the most part.

From a creators point of view it’s a tough game to keep up with when all of a sudden you have to manage a new social media platform on top of having to create and sell your art.

On the other hand, it’s also a fresh start to be an early adopter and pioneer on a new social media platform with unknown potential.

It can be intimidating for people who have built a strong following on other platforms and don’t necessarily want to start over.

For the Fractal Visions ecosystem this has been a great opportunity to establish ourselves on a platform which we are already familiar with, which is Instagram.

At the beginning of 2021 Facebook and Instagram were depreciated as our main focal point for presenting our visual art.

The long onset of the pandemic had sparked a movement of creators who joined Clubhouse, a voice app, and later on the Twitter platform eventually opened up the Spaces application for a similar voice communication between users.

As for what Threads holds in the near future who knows but a lot of people are assuming that a community voice app similar to Spaces on Twitter is coming to the new platform.

We will continue to use Twitter, as well as the ability to host spaces as a way to communicate with our friends and followers until there is a superior replacement …

In fact, we are posting on Instagram and Facebook regularly again, and the importance of connecting with our physical art collectors is becoming more apparent than ever before.

In just a day or two we had 1000 followers on Threads !! This was an amazing feeling.

Shortly down lived by a series of restrictions on the Threads platform. For some of the users on Threads, including ourselves, it became apparent that there were still thresholds against certain interactions, similar to Instagram or Facebook … We aren’t sure exactly what got us restricted as the platform didn’t let us know exactly what it was that caused limitations on our account.

There’s also a restriction connection between your account on Instagram and Threads. So if you do something bad on Threads, you’re in trouble on Instagram too!

Despite this the amount of interactions compared to Twitter in the beginning were triple or quadruple what we were receiving. And at least double what we were receiving before the rate limit restrictions that were put in place on Twitter just a week or two ago. Not only that, we were fighting worthless shadow bans on our accounts on Twitter, and not really sure where these types of things come from. The amount of notifications and DM‘s from scammers who are tagging us in posts is ridiculous as well and a constant reminder that Elon still has not removed the bots. You spend more time doing maintenance to block spam comments and accounts that are attacking you than you do using the platform sometimes.

For many creators this is great opportunity to move somewhere where their art, music or other creations would be noticed !!!

It only took another day or two to get another thousand followers added on top of our initial push !!

What an amazing accomplishment.

We will definitely be using Threads on the daily as well as posting on Instagram and Facebook. Twitter will be used as our main social media platform just like it has for the past few years…

Each social media platform reminds me of different Blockchains and opportunities for us to help network with people all around the planet and get our art out to the world.

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