Fractal Visions Optimistic Mission

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Fractal Visions is a Multifaceted & Multidimensional creative artist hub. We are currently developing a new marketplace focusing on Optimism NFTs and creators who contribute towards public goods. The Ethereal Art Museum DAO was created in 2021 for the future implementation of off chain voting starting in 2023 using snapshot. This voting structure provides a very early framework for our own DAO related to the Fractal Visions ecosystem. Bounties, Initiatives, Proposals, and Grants will all be formed in relation to the artwork and artists who are featured on Fractal Visions NFT marketplace. 100,000 tokens will be used for an on chain governance system after the distribution and token allocation is determined through the initial structure of off chain committee’s currently forming from the token holders of our NFT community. If you would like to find out more about our DAO as it progresses. Details will be posted within our discord as updates become available.

Ever since January 10th 2021 the beginning of our journey in the crypto space has been clear! We are on a mission to build a strong foundation for other artists far & wide. My partner and I started our grant on Gitcoin network in 2021 and have never received the funding that we needed for development. With the future of the Retroactive Public Goods Funding in the near future things are looking very optimistic. Grants have helped us all the way back into the traditional art world when the pandemic hit that was the only way our fine art printing studio and archival art photography services stayed open until we couldn’t have meetings in person. Blockchain technology has allowed us to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art world.

The foundation and framework we have developed for artists to integrate their traditional art business with web3 solutions and a fair royalty distribution model helps insure the artists are paid the highest amount of royalties possible. In the traditional printing format we manufacture fine art Giclée prints with our own printer in house here at our studio. Costs are reduced even more as we shift away from the traditional medium ditching the physical product completely and utilizing NFTs for brand awareness and the proliferation of art.

Ethereal Art Museum DAO Gitcoin Grant

Fractal Visions Delegate Commitment for Optimism Governance

Visionary Art from Colorado & Beyond !

Beyond art music is a huge part of our life and our creation process involves listening to music that inspires us the most. Heartistry music is one of the artists that we have helped onboard into the Optimism ecosystem. In the past year Heartistry has played a virtual event at our art gallery plot in voxels & released 51 NFTs on Optimism with our assistance. This is just one example of how we are committed to helping the ecosystem grow. Most recently Heartistry has joined the delegation committee for Optimism.

Our ultimate vision is to see the NFT & Music NFT sector grow into a cultivation of high level artists who are curated in a way that it highlights their talents. Empowering and encouraging each artist to contribute to the network and retroactive public goods.

The main goal at the moment is to create a platform where we can focus on each artist that is part of the community without any other distractions. The Fractal Visions marketplace will serve as not only a native Launchpad and replacement for Quix, it will also provide a proper marketplace for high level curation & cultivation to take place as the ecosystem grows over time. Currently we are building a market place solution for layer two NFTs on Optimism.

Additionally we have planned to build a fully dedicated Optimism centered Launchpad for NFT artists. It’s been a dream of mine to create something so heavily focused on art & music with the use of technology and we must strike while the iron is hot!

Pioneering our way into the future of art technology & history on the blockchain. With a small team of 4 people at the core so far there is no doubt that we’re about to grow into a flourishing creative hub for other artists to learn about NFTs.

Heartistry Music Delegate Commitment for Optimism Governance

Listen to Heartistry Music Here

Original Music by Joe Nix

What we have built so far is a beautifully diverse example of NFTs in different mediums as a template for other artists to examine. Our most popular project Ganland originally launched on May 13th 2021 and will always live on as one of the first free mint success stories on Optimism network. The journey from that point until now has been incredibly treacherous and enduring the bear market in the NFT space is not for the faint of heart.

Fractal Visions is the main vein of all this creativity. Alicia & I continue to organize our token gated community in a way that caters to the optimistic mission we have embarked on together. With support from others and a creative outlet for our own art. Now the curation of new art and artists begin to expand on the horizon of our native marketplace.

OP + Fractal Visions

We are always happy to welcome new members into the NFT ecosystem on Optimism. The utilization of GUILD for high level web security has provided us with basic requirements to categorize and track the holders from each collection within the Fractal Visions ecosystem.

Recently our entire server has undergone a major renovation and the creation of a separate server was implemented. This includes projects all throughout the layer 2 ecosystem and we are currently onboarding new community members in preparation for the NFT marketplace in development.



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