Fractal Visions NFT Marketplace Update

5 min readJul 14, 2023


User Interface Design Template

This is a full update on the Fractal Visions NFT Marketplace.

We have a lot to share with you about this new platform for creators in the web3 space.

Together the creative core team at Fractal Visions & a veteran UI/UX developer have been working on Key Features since early December of 2022.

Our current website will serve as a physical merchandise storefront. The fine art prints that we offer are manufactured here in house. We put our blood, sweat, and tears into every single print.

We are bridging the gap between the physical & digital art world. Our next mission involves a digital asset marketplace that focuses on authentic creators in the web3 space.

Finding a developer to help build the perfect product became the biggest challenge.

Key features & the user journey are an important part of creating a product with the ability to achieve what we originally envisioned. In this case the functionality of the platform will be the ultimate highlight from the beginning. All of the tender love and care we put into the design is intended to result in a positive user experience.

Mobile layouts are also a huge implementation for this project. A majority of people enjoy browsing on a mobile device. That may result in a purchase even if they have to switch devices in order to access their savings or transfer of funds from cold storage prior to acquiring a new NFT.

Once we finish Beta testing, collectors from all over the world will have access to shop on the new Fractal Visions NFT platform.

The creators that join the marketplace will have an opportunity to showcase their NFT collection on the home page of the marketplace. Our mission is prioritizing the ability to support creators who are also impact makers in the web3 space.

Retroactive public goods funding for creators who are helping to educate others & spread awareness about blockchain technology is a key part of our vision. The goal is to generate funding for the builders who contribute the most to the Fractal Visions ecosystem through various forms of public goods.

Rewards from the marketplace are distributed to individuals or projects over the course of the future. Authentic creators & developers are selected through a process of curation prior to joining the platform, heavy vetting from foundation members, and a quadratic voting process.

This retroactive funding mechanism is an integral component of the marketplace that brings sustainable solutions to the growth & scaling challenges many other platforms face after their initial launch.

The Fractal Visions NFT marketplace will be different from other platforms. Metrics are still an important factor in the web3 space many traders want to see.

We mainly see a hierarchy of what some call “Blue Chip” projects that hold a majority of trading volume in the early stages of deployment. The overvaluation of these assets is driven on speculation. Over time the hype dies down which is a very unsustainable way to create a project.

Artists & musicians who have been creating their work for years or decades are not necessarily aligned with the quick narratives that web3 often rallies behind the most.

Instead, what if the whole concept was to highlight projects that had less sales than others ?

What if ???

What if impact becomes the main source of value that a project can deliver?

What if value is based on social initiatives instead of speculation?

What if impact makers are rewarded for their efforts?

Our mission is to utilize the marketplace for initiatives from other incredibly talented visionary leaders from across the globe.


So now let’s go over what we just talked about…

This is not a competitor platform to any other marketplace like Opensea, Blur, Looksrare, X2Y2, or any other platform in existence.

The concept of decentralization involves each community becoming self sovereign. By building our own native NFT marketplace we are taking part in the spirit of decentralization by forming a new innovative hub for visionary art, music, photography, artificial intelligence, and digital art. Here you can always find a selection of unique work from a small group of authentic creators, who are very dedicated to their craft.

As a creator, I have felt washed away by the plethora of other NFTs when listing my work on a more centralized marketplace that allows an open permissionless structure for anyone to take part in.

When the time finally comes we hope that collectors, creators, and developers who align with our mission will support our cause.

Let’s set a new standard for others who are already on this journey with us.

Educate those outside the space who may be struggling to see the value in the power of blockchain technology.

Build a platform that rewards the creators & builders willing to sacrifice their time for the progression of technology.

Sharing the message along the way behind the work of genuine human beings who want nothing else besides peace of mind, health, and happiness. Not just for themselves but for every single living thing in the universe.



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